Areas of Interest

Grenadier seeks to explore oil and natural gas in 5 specific areas in the United States with particular emphasis on the Appalachian, Fort Worth and Permian Basins. We recognize the variability and the unique challenges that must be addressed to operate successfully in the different shale plays of the Lower 48.

Grenadier will consider unconventional reservoirs including black shale and tight sands as part of its asset portfolio. Grenadier’s exceptional management team has a philosophy of being “opportunity driven” rather than “geographically constrained.”

Main Overview Map

Appalachian Basin Map


Appalachian Basin –The oldest producing area in the United States. Now the active site of the Marcellus and Utica Shale plays.

Permian Basin Map


Permian Basin – One of the most prolific producing basins in the country, providing two thirds of the entire Texas oil output of 440 million barrels of oil per year, now rejuvenated by new plays, drilling and completion practices.

williston basin map


Williston Basin – An older producing basin reborn by the Bakken Shale play. North Dakota will soon become the third largest oil producing state in the country after Alaska and Texas, surpassing California.

Ft. Worth Basin Map

Ft. Worth

Fort Worth Basin – Home to the Barnett shale play, discovered by Mitchell Energy, now one of the largest gas field in the U.S. establishing the viability of shale plays across the country.

Eagle Ford Shale Map

Eagle Ford

The Eagle Ford Shale  - The oil rich Eagle Ford Shale, discovered by Petrohawk in 2008 has provided a huge economic boost to the economy of the entire south Texas area.

Salt Basin