Our Values

Grenadier Energy Partners seeks to put our values into action by these six guiding principles that are important to our organization. These values are foundational and the bench marks for our behavior and decision-making across all aspects of our business:

We have a deep respect for the environment and the land owners who live in the areas we operate.  In addition, we have deep respect for our co-workers.  Each person has a voice and an opinion that is understood and appreciated.  Their contribution to the overall growth of the organization is clearly recognized and of significant value.

We are accountable for our actions and support and submit to the highest ethical standards pertaining to the rules and regulations of our industry.

We firmly adhere to our core values even in the face of loss or impediment.

We seek to attain the highest standard of safety for our employees, contractors
and the local community.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

We are a faith-based company guided by biblical principles.

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